What Would You Do? #Grantchat

What Would You Do?

Four simple words, but such a powerful question to ask of your peers.  Being brave enough and having built a network where you feel comfortable discussing professional scenarios to see how a peer might have reacted or responded differently is a wonderful way to discuss best practices and to see the variety of ways that best practices can be successfully implemented.

The quarterly topic for #grantchat has become a favorite for Jo and I as moderators as it gives us a chance to have the whole community weigh in on topics that we are being asked frequently by other members of the community off line as well as by potential and current clients.  The questions we pose don’t have a black and white right or wrong answer, rather they have a range of acceptable and ethical responses that need to be considered carefully in each situation to see how they best fit within your organizational culture.

We’d love to hear your responses to some of the most widely discussed questions this past week:

Q4: Financial billings/reports are consistently late to funders from Finance Department. What do you do? #grantchat

Q8: You are worried that collaborative partners are not going to come through with letters of commitment. What do you do? #grantchat

The answers and comments for both were surprisingly similar as #grantchat community members talked about the merit of setting “fake” or internal deadlines for different part of the grant seeking and grant reporting/management process.  (You can check out all of the answers and dialogue yourself if you’d like via our Storify transcript.) There was some great dialogue about the importance at times as a grant professional in giving yourself time to adjust and work with information before it is sent off, therefore critical to build out an internal timeline that provides you that opportunity.  The other side of the coin was that if there is an external deadline, and there isn’t a need for you as a grant professional to do additional work with the information, how can you build a culture of accountability so that there is not the need for a double (or fake) deadline process created.  The consensus was that the right answer will vary greatly depending on organizational culture.  The key in both situations is for the you/we/us as the grant professionals to keep focus on the various moving parts and to have checks and balance systems in place in order to avoid missing a deadline or having a component like a letter of commitment fall through the cracks.

What do you think about those two questions and the #grantchat dialogue that followed (read the full dialogue via the Storify transcript)?  Share your responses in the comment section below, or tweet them to us @grant_chat.

We’re looking forward to What Would You Do? again in the 3rd quarter of 2014.  We’re also looking for your theoretical questions that you would like to have the #grantchat community dialogue about.   Share them with us on Twitter @grant_chat or via email: info@grantchat.org.




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