Grant Writing Best Practices

Best practice conversations with grant professionals are typically lively discussions as a mix of sharing war stories from best practices gone well or wrong and also sharing tools and tricks that helped to keep a best practice in tact in a project.  This week’s #grantchat was no exception.

Best practices impact so many aspects of our work as grant professionals.  From budget work to pre-planning and program design, there can be overload with trying to keep on the different areas of our work.  A lively dialogue took place with #grantchat-ters with one of the most highly debated questions being: “There are always *new* best practices. How do you prevent best practice overload?”  Here is what the #grantchat community had to say:

  • Be cautious about jumping on all “new” best practices. Best practice is a phrase that gets thrown around A LOT!
  • You pick and choose the ones you need and that work in your grant office. We can’t do it all.
  • I always assess how easily they can be incorporated into our current processes
  • Balance easy w/ required.

We also spent time talking about “Do you keep up with best practices for the subject matter you are most frequently working on grants for? If so, how?”  Here is what the #grantchat community had to say:

  • Attend local and national conferences to keep abreast of developments in our field.
  • Conferences, webinars, New Grantee guides @EPA@HUDgov@CDC,@NCHH, listserves, networks, social media, Fed Reg.
  • This is an area I need a list of “best practices” to choose what to do.

And our co-moderators Diane and Jo were touched by one #grantchat -ters vote of confidence in them for sharing new trends: “Simply follow @JM_Grants & @DianeHLeonard; you’ll learn TONS! Seriously, they are twitter info queens.”  A great vote of confidence in the work that is shared across the #grantchat network, but more importantly, a key reminder that having colleagues you trust to help sort through all the new best practices and compare notes is a great approach for managing changing best practices.


Looking for additional pieces about shifting best practices in grant writing? Our co-moderator Diane H. Leonard, GPC wrote a piece for the Grant Professionals Association about Adjusting Grant Best Practices Based On Technology and Social Media this week.


Interested in seeing the rest of what was discussed this week about best practices?  Check out this week’s Storify transcript of the chat here.


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