Organizational Development and Grants

Organizational development and grants go together like peas and carrots, or peanut butter and jelly.  Together, the two make sense.  One without the other can be appropriate and effective on a case by case basis, but for the majority of situations, in order for a grant professional to be successful in their grant seeking efforts, they need to pay careful attention to the grant readiness and organizational development life cycle of the nonprofit organization they are working with.

Grantchat co-moderator Jo Miller, GPC (@jm_grants) eloquently stated in her recent GPC Competency Linky Party post that, “Grant professionals are positioned to support your organization’s strategic plans and to aggressively prepare you for the right funding opportunities and partnerships. Engaging your grant professional in the planning process eliminates wasted time and energy ‘chasing the money’.”

As the #grantchat community talked about organizational development this past week, there were numerous one-line responses that were shared that were by themselves, nuggets of gold that could be turned in to a bumper sticker or t-shirt.  As we aren’t quite ready to think about opening a #grantchat merchandising arm, we didn’t want to let these nuggets go, and so our summary post this week is highlighting YOUR wisdom and all the eloquent things you had to say about organizational development and grants.

A2: I ask for, and expect to see, a coherent strategic plan.

– Clay Myers-Bowman (@claybow)

A2: If a nonprofit organization does not have a strategy for building relationships within the community, they r not grant ready.

Jonathon Carrington (@DevShopinaBox)

A4: We do a grants dialogue day that’s open to faculty and staff interested in the grant process.

– Amanda Ripstra (@AmandaRipstra)

A5: Ensure all roads point to the mission! What can they measure, what results doe they seek?

– Jo Miller (@jm_grants)

A7: Include grants planning with all/most other planning and financials – don’t let grants be put into a silo!

– Jo Miller (@jm_grants)

A8: Be on time. PERIOD!

– June First Firm (@JuneFirstFirm)

A9: Legal is a line. Ethical lets you sleep at night. but integrity builds a reputation. Only do things that build integrity.

– Becky Jascoviak (@NonprofitBecky)

A9: Share the GPA Code of Ethics. Sometimes I just say NO! My motto is I’m not going to jail for anyone.

– Karen Cassidy (@govtgrantspro)

A10: Measure everything. Record stories of participants. Get feedback all the time. Put it down on paper for the future.

– Becky Jascoviak (@NonprofitBecky)

A10: You get asked to write a grant, you write a grant. In isolation. That’s when it hits you: grant writing is a team sport. 

– Clay Myers-Bowman (@claybow)

An incredibly eloquent summary of how critical organizational development is to the success of our grant seeking efforts as grant professionals!  Looking for a little more wisdom from the #grantchat community?  You can read the rest of the Organizational Development and Grants chat transcript via our Storify transcript.

Do you have other key words of wisdom or blog posts related organizational development and grants that you would like to share?  We’d love to hear from you – leave a comment here or join us every Tuesday at 12pm ET!


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