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#Grantchat  091614 Topic: Grant Administration

You have done all of the work! You put your heart and soul into the grant application! You were awarded the grant! Now what?

Are you ready for your grant? Do you have all of the elements in place to administer funds? Our guest, Mark Titi, will take us through some of the key elements and best practices for the fiscal administration of grants.

f you have a blog post, e-book or other resource about grants administration and fiscal management of grants that you would like to share with the Grantchat community be sure to have your link ready and share it during the chat!


Q1. What responsibilities should/does a grant professional assume post-award? #grantchat

Q2. How does a grant pro assure that only eligible expenditures are included in reimbursement requests? #grantchat

Q3. What cash management procedures does your org use to handle grant draw-downs? #grantchat

Q4. How often should a grantee issue milestone reports when they are not specifically requested? #grantchat

Q5. How, and at what point, should a grantee communicate back to a funder that a project is likely to fail? #grantchat

Q6. How can avoidance of the commingling of funds between different grants be best accomplished? #grantchat

Q7. What special grant administration activities are unique to multi-year awards? #grantchat

Q8. How does an organization know it is adequately prepared for an audit of a grant? #grantchat

Q9. How should small nonprofits that are unable to hire a grant administrator go about maintaining compliance? #grantchat

Q10. What do you regard as the biggest post award mistake a grantee can make? #grantchat


Looking forward to having you join @jm_grants and @dianehleonard along with guest @MultiplyingGood this upcoming Tuesday, September 16th at 12pm ET!


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