Grant Horror Stories

Grant Horror Stories – (Not So) Secret Terrors of the Grant Profession

We asked our Grantchat community about their fears, haunting grant disasters and grants destined for the land of the walking dead!

Grant professionals throughout our Grantchat community have stories of success and triumph. These stories, these experiences fuel our passion for our profession. But, that is not what we talked about during Grantchat this week.

Being a grant professional is not something for the weak of spirit or the weak of heart.  What scares even your experienced Grant Professional?


Our Top 10 Countdown:

10. Rejection!

9. Word or character limits in grant applications!

8. The grant is due in 24 hours and the authorized representative/ director is on vacation

7. Noticing a HUGE typo – AFTER the grant is submitted.

6. Last minute discovery that the registration on and is not complete or password is lost.

5. Chasing the money! Spoooooky mission drift!

4. Applications that require logic models!

3. Making an error so that the grant isn’t even eligible to compete.

2. Internet outage just as you try to submit your grant!

1. Sneaky or missed DEADlines (it is in the name)

Each new grant announcement and each new grant client triggers our flight or fight fear responses. We wonder if we can make the deadline. We worry that we don’t have a large enough or a diversely skilled grants team.  We wonder how long we can go without screaming when we have a change in scope or budget weeks before the grant is due.  But, the great thing about grant professionals is that we take that flight or fight adrenalin and use it to fight the good fight – to get grants and do good!

Grantchatters shared their greatest grant horror stories and deepest grant fears in 140 characters or less on #grantchat this week. You can find our chat, ‘Grant Horror Stories’ in our archives and on our Storify page here.  If you have a great ghostly grant story you want to share, please share it in our comments section below. Grant Horror Stories is an annual topic for Grantchat, if you hear about or, heaven forbid, you experience a grant horror let us know and we can feature it next year!

Thank you to all who participated and joined the grantchat community this week!


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