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What makes us effective grant consultants? Or what makes the interaction we have as employees with an external grant professional effective and beneficial for our organization? What tools are both sides using in order to achieve this feeling of being or using an effective grant consultant?  We tackled these lofty questions during #grantchat this past week with guest Lesley Harvey (@grant_experts).

There was quickly common ground established in terms of working to identify grant readiness within an organization as well as well looking for natural partners to be a part of proposals.

Effective Grant Consultants 2

Effective Grant Consultants 1

Effective Grant Consultants 3

Effective Grant Consultants 4

There was also a great deal of lively conversation around how technology has helped make the work of effective grant consultants even *more* effective with the age of typewriter typed forms going by the wayside.

Here are some of the favorite tools that effective grant consultants are using in their work:

Effective Grant Consultants 5

Effective Grant Consultants 6

Effective Grant Consultants 7

The bottom line? Each of us that currently serve as or have served in a grant consulting role are constantly growing and improving in our role just as employees are always learning and improving in their role as well. The tools that we use are continuously improving. The lessons we learn from one consulting experience, whether as the consultant or internal grant professional provide us with additional food for thought on how to best approach future applications or grant capacity building situations.

Do you have a post about the tools you use in your consulting practice? Post it here in the comments or on our social media pages to share with the #grantchat community.


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