Question Preview: Inheriting a Blank Slate Grants Office

Inheriting a Blank Slate Grants Office

On 12/9/14 #grantchat, we will be chatting about what happens when you start a new job or start working with a new client who has little or no grant writing experience? How do we build capacity in organizations or programs that are looking to build their grant portfolio? What are best practices for a grants office?

If you have a blog post or have an article that you would like to share about the topic, we would love for you to do so in the comment section or by using the #grantchat on the social media network of your choice.

Q1: Have you ever started a new grant job and found that there are scarce or no records for previous grant efforts?#grantchat

Q2: Would you rather work with a program or org. that is new to grants or one w/ a long history of grants but offers no documentation?#grantchat

Q3: What is your greatest fear when you find there is little or no grant seeking documentation or prior grant awards?#grantchat

Q4: When should an organization create a grants office?#grantchat

Q5: How would you approach designing a grants office from the ground up?#grantchat

Q6: What tools does an effective grants office need? #grantchat

Q7: What steps would you take to ensure the grant office is part of all planning – strategic, programs and financial?#grantchat

Q8: What are best practices for a new grants office? What should a new grant office avoid? #grantchat

Q9: What do you believe are the most common reasons for a ‘blank slate’ grants office?#grantchat

Q10:Do you have a great grant office design that you can share with the community? What makes it ‘great’?#grantchat


Looking forward to having you join @Grant_Chat co-moderators Diane (@dianehleonard), Jo (@jm_grants) with@smartegrants and @GPANational


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