Interview: GPA CEO, Mike Chamberlain

We were excited to interview GPA CEO, Mike Chamberlain, on Grantchat, Tuesday 01/27/2015.  What makes Mike special? Well, he is the Grant Professionals Association new CEO, as of January 1, 2015. We had the opportunity and pleasure of getting to know Mike at the GPA National Conference (#GPACONF14) last October. Mike comes to our association with a wealth of leadership experience with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.  You can find out more about Mike here in addition to the interview below.

As the GPA Social Media Chair and Vice Chair, we (Diane and Jo) were thrilled to have Mike actively participating in social media throughout the conference and even assisting our members sign up on various platforms.  In fact, Mike was active throughout the conference! Mike ran with the GPA Conference Walk/Run group, he joined in at our GPA Board Meeting, he attended every plenary session and many workshops, and he joined in the after-hours events including our “#Grantchat Social- Meet the People Behind the Profiles” and our “Social Media Hands-On Social Event.” Mike won us over – time and time, again.

So, we are thrilled that he has taken the helm of the Grant Professionals Association and delighted to have Mike join GrantChat as our guest this week.

Q1: Mike @GPA_CEO, please introduce yourself to our #grantchat community? Community, introduce yourselves to Mike

A1_1: I am an association professional w/ 20+ years of experience. Learn more at:

A1_2: I’m a Certified Assoc. Exec. I’m originally from NE, but have been in KC since college. I like to swim, bike and run.

Q2:  Mike @GPA_CEO, what attracted you to GPA?

A2: The mission and the fact that members work to do good in their community. I need to be able to connect to the mission.

Q3:  Mike @GPA_CEO, you attended #GPAConf15 – what did you get out of  the @GPANational Conference?

A3: I met many members, learned about why people belong to GPA, and what are some of the challenges faced by Grant Professionals

A3_2: I also got a few selfies in with folks…thanks to

A3_3: I really had a lot of fun at the conference, since the staff and board did all the hard work for this one.

Q4: Mike @GPA_CEO , what do you see as the biggest opportunity for @GPANational in 2015?

A4: I think the greatest may be to tell the story of Grant Professionals and spread the word about the profession.

A4_2: It is more than writing, there are so many more aspects to the profession that people need to understand.

Q5:   Mike @GPA_CEO  What do you expect from and in working with he @GPANational 2015 Board?

A5: I expect that we will establish a good working relationship to address the strategic priorities of GPA

Q6:   Mike @GPA_CEO, you’ve worked with @GPANational staff for a few weeks now – what is your impression of the staff?

A6_1: staff is professional & ready to do more to serve the membership.

A6_2 I’m excited to be working with a dedicated caring staff

Q7:   Mike @GPA_CEO What do you see as @GPANational ‘s greatest strengths?  Greatest weakness?

A7: Passionate and engaged members and leaders; W: Brand awareness- both within the profession and in the view of the public.

Q8:  Mike @GPA_CEO How can the #GrantChat community help you?

A8: Be engaged; Let us know when we are doing well and when we miss the mark; and Be an advocate for GPA

A8_2: Getting feedback in person at was great, just need to keep the conversations going throughout the year.

Q9:   Mike @GPA_CEO Do you have any questions for the #Grantchat Community?

A9: What is the one thing that GPA can do to make your professional life easier?

Q10:  #Grantchat Community – Do you have other questions or comments for Mike @GPA_CEO

@NonprofitBecky A10: What one word do you want your tenure as @GPA_CEO to be classified by?

A10: : one word is tough: Excellence!

@AmandaRipstra A10: @GPA_CEO plans to connect with other orgs or funders to spread awareness?

a10: : Yes, I need to make sure I am choosing wisely, so we get the most for our efforts and resources.


@DianeHLeonard A10: Will you consider joining us for a regular in the future? Would love to have your participation as your schedule allows 🙂

A10: : Yes, it would be my pleasure.


@wholewheatgirl  for Mike: Will you travel to visit chapters? We’d love to have you join us for May 7 and 8 in the ATL.

. A to Q: I will need to see what resources are available, definitely want to work with chapters & visit when able


Were you unable to join us for theinterview with GPA CEO, Mike Chamberlain, but have additional questions that you would like to pose to Mike? Tweet them to him directly at @GPA_CEO and use the #grantchat hashtag so the rest of the community can see your question and Mike’s response.


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