Net Grant ROI Calculation

If you search the Webster dictionary you will not find a definition for a “Net Grant Calculation” or a “Net Grant ROI Calculation.” However, as the #grantchat community discussed this past Tuesday, all grant seeking organizations *should* consider the Net Grant ROI Calculation when making the decision about whether or not to apply to each and every potential grant opportunity.

We were fortunate to have a guest with us this week, Dahna Goldstein (@philantech), who has been talking about Net Grant Calculations for quite awhile. Her experiences and thoughts helped us frame an incredibly rich dialogue about the different definitions and factors to consider in looking at how your organization will integrate the Net Grant ROI Calculation into their decision- making processes.

So how do Dahna and Philantech (@philantech) define Net Grant ROI Calculation?

Net Grant CalculationNet Grant Calculation Net Grant CalculationNet Grant CalculationNet Grant Calculation


A great definition to start your organization’s conversations from!

Once you have agreed within your organization about the factors that go into your Net Grant ROI Calculation…and this may differ as each organization may have other consumer and client factors that they consider as part of their calculation, then it is time to use that calculation within your grant seeking to determine:

  • How does your organization feel about defining the Net Grant ROI Calculation compared to the grant award amount?
  • Is a specific application a strong enough Net ROI for your organization that you should pursue the opportunity?
  • How do you handle your Net Grant ROI calculation as it relates to the overhead or omission of overhead?

How is your organization currently utilizing the concept of Net Grant ROI Calculation within your grant strategy work? Please share your perspective with us in the comment section below, or on social media using the #grantchat hashtag.



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