Advice to New Grant Consultants

For those who are experienced consultants, can you laugh now when you think back on the mistakes you made when you were getting started as a grant consultant? Or Monday quarterback yourself on how you may have approached a business decision differently even though it wasn’t a mistake, but could have saved you some time, funds, or headaches? Do you have advice for new grant consultants?

You’re nodding with Jo and I, I can see it. Those of us that have slowly built our successful practices definitely have some lessons learned. What is so wonderful about #grantchat is the communities willingness to openly share these lessons learned and mistakes. In fact, @amandaripstra even tweeted about the generosity of the community and willingness of everyone to share.

#grantchat sharing

So…what advice did our “been there done that” experienced grant consultants have to share with those that are considering starting a grant consulting business? Or perhaps working to continue or expand a new grant consulting business? Get your notepad ready – there is some great advice below! We both wish that this advice had been so generously with us when we were starting our businesses.



What other advice would you share with new grant consultants? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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