Question Preview: Grant Consulting 101: Grant Consulting Basics

Have you been considering starting a grant consulting business? Thinking about testing out the waters as a freelance grant writer in addition to being a full-time or part-time employed grant professional? It can seem overwhelming, there is NO doubt. We have been hosting for #grantchat for nearly two years and haven’t yet tackled the topic of grant consulting in depth. We have talked about some of the differences that we experience related to best practices, grant teams, funder relationships, and social media for consultants versus employees, but what about the basics of getting your consulting practice started?

The theme for March for SmartEGrants is Grant Consulting 101 which means, you guessed it! As a program of SmartEGrants, #grantchat is following suit with the theme and will be talking about Grant Consulting 101 topics as well. What are our topics you ask?

March 3: Grant Consulting Basics

March 10: Marketing

March 17: Contracts and Collaborations

March 24: Client Management

We are hoping that those fellow experienced consultants will freely share their knowledge and lessons learned during this series with those that have recently started or are considering starting a grant consulting business.

Here are our questions for the first week of this theme, Grant Consulting Basics:

Q1: How many of you are full-time consultants? Part-time consultants? Previous consultants? What motivates those choices for you? #grantchat

Q2: For those that have been/are consultants, how did you decide you were professionally ready to be a consultant? #grantchat

Q3: For those that have been/are consultants, how did you decide on a business structure? #grantchat

Q4: For those that have been both employee as grant professional and consultant, what are some key differences? #grantchat

Q5: What qualities do you think a successful consultant needs to possess? #grantchat

Q6: What are some myths or misconceptions that you had or you think others have about grant consulting? #grantchat

Q7: What do you think are the two most critical tools for you to have to be a successful consultant? #grantchat

Q8: For those who have been/are consultants, what is the most important professional network that you are/were part of? #grantchat

Q9: For those interested in consulting, what do you feel is your biggest barrier to becoming a consultant? #grantchat

Q10: For our experienced consultants, what advice do you wish you had been given before you started your business? #grantchat

Are you as excited for this topic as we are? Do you *know* that this is a not to be missed event on your calendar? We want to encourage those of you that ARE considering being a grant consultant or are new to the business to take your professional development a step further, and look at the webinars that SmartEGrants is hosting each Thursday in March on these four topics. We are going to dig into each, share best practices, and share tools (both free and inexpensive) in order to help you have the grant consulting business you dream of. You can see the full schedule and register for one or all of the sessions here (they are only $25 each and include the slides and recording!).


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