What Does Marketing Mean to You?

Ask any grant consultant what they do to market their business, or better yet, what marketing means to them, and you will get a wide range of answers. Some will get a look of fear in their eyes as they will tell you that they do not like, to quote Chris Brogan, being in “selly, sell, sell” mode. Some may talk about how they mailings and even the occasional cold call. Others will confidently talk about a marketing scorecard, ROI (return on investment) for paid marketing on social media. A final group might tell you how they prefer organic word of mouth and networking based “marketing.” None of these consultants are wrong…if their actions are driven by their “why.” The why they are in business. The why they do the work that they do for their clients.

Some big picture marketing ideas and personal definitions of what marketing is to them that were shared by our #grantchat ‘ters were so right on target that we wanted to share their message along:

Grant Consulting MarketingGrant Consulting Marketing

Grant Consulting Marketing

But then how about some tool or network specific advice? Some of our #grantchat ‘ters favoirte or least favorite ways to market their business and the work that they do?

Grant Consulting Grant Consulting Grant Consulting Grant Consulting

And a final piece of excellent advice to help remember what your goal is any marketing efforts you choose to do for your grant consulting business regardless of which methods you choose:

Grant Consulting Marketing


What other marketing related advice would you share with new grant consultants? Share it with us in the comment section below.


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