Question Preview: Foundation Relationships & Partnerships

Foundation Relationships & Partnerships

The theme for April for SmartEGrants is Foundation Grants which means, you guessed it! As a program of SmartEGrants, #grantchat is following suit with the theme and will be talking about Foundation Grants topics as well.

This isn’t the first time that #grantchat has talked about funder relationships as a part of grant seeking, and it probably isn’t the last time either. It is such a critical aspect of our work as grant professionals that engaging in dialogue about funder relationships is just as important as talking about grant research techniques and tools or writing letters of inquiries. If you want to take a peek at the GPC #linkyparty piece published about grant funder relationships and GPC Competency 7 from the last time we discussed funder relationships, check it out here.

We are hoping that grant professionals will freely share their knowledge and lessons learned during this series with those that are trying to expand their understanding and success with securing foundation grants. Here are our questions for the last week of this theme, Relationships & Partnerships:

Q1: What questions or concerns do you have about establishing new relationships with grant makers? #grantchat

Q2: How do you determine what your approach for establishing new relationships with a grant maker should be? #grantchat

Q3: What do your talking points/conversation look like within that customized approach? Different in each situation? Same? #grantchat

Q4: What is your “secret” but not-so-secret tip for new grant pros about establishing new relationships with grant makers? #grantchat

Q5: What questions or concerns do you have about maintaining relationships with current/recent grant makers? #grantchat

Q6:  How do you determine how often and via what methods to maintain relationships with current/recent grant makers?#grantchat

Q7: How (if at all) do you engage others in your org to assist in relationship maintenance with grant makers? #grantchat

Q8: What is your “secret” but not-so-secret tip for new grant pros about maintaining relationships with grant makers? #grantchat

Q9: Have you ever helped your org/client be part of a partnership with a foundation *separate* from a grant award? What made it work? Lessons learned? #grantchat

Q10: What do you think is the trick to turning foundation relationships into long-term partnerships? #grantchat

Are you as excited for this topic as we are? Do you *know* that this is a not to be missed event on your calendar? We want to encourage those of you that are very focused on increasing your understanding and success with securing foundation grants for your employers, organizations, or clients to take your professional development a step further, and look at the webinars that SmartEGrants is hosting each Thursday in April on these topics. We are going to dig into each, share best practices, and share tools (both free and inexpensive) in order to help you have the grant consulting business you dream of. You can see the full schedule and register for one or all of the sessions here (they are only $25 each and include the slides and recording!).


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