Mastering Letters of Inquiry (LOIs)


It is refreshing and comforting when faced with a professional task or concern to know that you are not alone in that struggle or learning curve. We find that to be the case in learning to master the art of letters of inquiry (or LOIs) to foundations. Often a required first step in the process of securing a grant from a foundation, learning to write a strong piece in a short space, often with quirky character and word limits is a key piece to our success as grant professionals. Here are some of the common questions that we heard from #grantchat -ters as the chat began this week:

Capture4 Capture2

Capture1  Capture3


So now that we know what the common questions are among the #grantchat community, what are some of the *must* include information that regardless of heading or format, our community members feel is key to the success of any letter of inquiry (LOI):





And on the flip side, what are the must *not* include information that regardless or heading or format, our community members feel is a detriment to the success of any letter of inquiry (LOI):





The Grant Professionals Association’s CEO shared a quote that sums up the Letter of Inquiry process beautifully:


What other great tips would you share related to writing letters of inquiry to foundations? Let us know in the comments below!

We hope you’ll join us next week on Tuesday, 4/21 at 12pm ET as we tackle Writing Successful Proposals for Foundations. We’ll also be teaching a webinar about Writing Successful Proposals for Foundations on SmartEGrants on Thursday, 4/23 at 12pm ET if you would like to register for that session here.


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