Question Preview: Successful State & Local Government Proposals

How do you think that you can improve your competitiveness in the process when submitting state and local government proposals for grant funding? What elements create a successful proposal?
The theme for May for SmartEGrants is State & Local Government Grants which means, you guessed it! As a program of SmartEGrants, #grantchat is following suit with the theme and will be talking about State & Local Government Grant related topics as well.
We are hoping that grant professionals will freely share their knowledge and lessons learned during this series with those that are trying to expand their understanding and success with securing state and local government grants. Here are our questions for this week, Successful State & Local Government Proposals:

Q1: What do you find you struggle with/question yourself on the most in creating a successful state/local grant proposal? #grantchat


Q2: How do you approach starting a draft for a new state/local agency relationship? Does it differ for an ongoing relationship? #grantchat


Q3: How do you approach starting a proposal for a new program? What steps or actions do you take before drafting, if any? #grantchat


Q4: What information do you make sure to *always* include in a state/local grant proposal regardless of format? #grantchat


Q5: What type of information do you recommend *never* including in a state/local grant proposal regardless of format? #grantchat


Q6: How long do you allocate in your schedule for creating a state or local government proposal? What factors cause that to vary? #grantchat


Q7: How do you handle or avoid writer’s block during the writing process for the state/local government proposals? #grantchat


Q8: How do you engage your colleagues and/or clients in the writing process for state/local government proposals? #grantchat


Q9: How do you keep your state/local government grant proposals from sounding/looking cookie cutter? #grantchat


Q10: What is your secret, not-so-secret tip for new grant pros about writing a successful state/local government grant proposal? #grantchat


Are you as excited for this topic as we are? Do you *know* that this is a not to be missed event on your calendar? Looking forward to chatting with the #grantchat community about Successful State and Local Government Proposals on 5/26 at 12pm ET!

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