Writing Successful State & Local Government Proposals

Are you new to seeking local or state government grants and struggle with what successful government proposals look like? Or are you a seasoned grant professional with significant experience with foundation grants or federal grants that is now expanding into government proposals for state and local government grants? Each type of grant has some nuances to understand in order to create successful proposals. We thought, as usual, that collecting tips and suggestions from our community was the best way to demonstrate how theoretical best practices play out in the field as grant professionals write and submit their own proposals on a daily basis.

What items are members of the #grantchat community sure to *always, always, always* include or address in their government proposals to state or local government agencies for grant funding? Here are some good tips to be sure that you follow as you design your next state or local government proposal for funding consideration:

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And on the flip side, what would the #grantchat community recommend that you *refrain* from including or addressing within your proposal to a state or local government agency?



What other tips do you have for the creation of successful state and/or local government grant proposals? Either things to *always* address, or things to *always* avoid? Let us know in the comments section of the website, or by using the #grantchat hashtag on any social media platform. We would love to hear your tips as well!


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