How To Maintain Confidentiality in Grant Writing

Confidentiality in grant writing is a big topic – one that we haven’t discussed as an entire chat yet in #grantchat – so we were grateful when this week’s guest, Trish Bachman (@thewritestuffde) suggested it as a topic for us to talk about openly as a community. We find that it is helpful to open the dialogue by everyone openly sharing their questions and/or concerns about the particular topic so that we each understand where our #grantchat colleagues are coming from in their questions and answers throughout the chat. Looking at the questions and concerns related to confidentiality in grant writing confirmed that it is not just a huge topic in terms of the many facets of the issue to consider, but one that is also a concern that many grant professionals put great weight in as they build their careers and reputations as grant professionals.



So how are grant professionals handling confidentiality within the documents that they are creating? Here are some of the most common answers from our #grantchat community:



What advice do experienced professionals have to share about dealing with confidentiality issues in grant writing? There is certainly a wide range of concerns as we saw in the questions above – ranging from salary confidentiality to dealing with public versus private organizations seeking grants to dealing with grant award announcements on social media. Here are some key nuggets of advice from the #grantchat community for you to keep in mind when thinking about confidentiality as it relates to your specific grant work whether as an employee or a consultant:Capture19 Capture18 Capture17 Capture16 Capture15 Capture14 Capture13


What other advice or lessons learned do you have that you would add to those shared by the #grantchat community so far? We’d love to hear! Please share in the comments section of the post on the website, or via social media using the #grantchat hashtag in your posts.


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