Question Preview: Confidentiality in the Grant Field

We are excited to have Trish Bachman (@thewritestuffde) as our guest this week as we talk about the numerous concerns around confidentiality in our work within the grant field. The questions or concerns that can arise as an employee or as a consultant are numerous and we are grateful to Trish for suggesting the topic and her willingness to be a guest for the discussion!


If you have a blog post or have an article that you would like to share about the concept, we would love for you to do so in the comment section or by using the #grantchat on the social media network of your choice.


Q1: What questions/concerns do you have related to confidentiality w/ grants, employers & consulting? #granthcat


Q2: What grant info from an employer/client do you consider confidential? #grantchat


Q3: What info about former and current projects can you share with potential employers/clients? #grantchat


Q4: How do you ensure that your grant documents are secure during writing process? #grantchat


Q5: Do you think you are allowed to share an awarded grant as a writing sample? #grantchat


Q6: Is it appropriate for *you* as the grant professional to reveal on social media when an award is granted to an organization you submitted? #grantchat


Q7: How do you maintain confidentiality within documents ? #grantchat


Q8: How do you document receiving permission to share a client/employer’s information? #grantchat


Q9: How do you handle when an organization doesn’t want it public that they hired a grant professional? #grantchat


Q10: What tips do you have for new grant professionals about confidentiality? #grantchat

Looking forward to having you join @Grant_Chat co-moderators Diane (@dianehleonard), Jo (@jm_grants) and our guest Trish Bachman (@thewritestuffde) on June 16th at 12pm ET.


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