Question Preview: Share & Tell of Grant Resources

In the upcoming week’s chat, we are asking the #grantchat community to participate in a “share & tell” session with us. Our questions are geared toward sharing your go to tools, websites, blogs, and other resources in order to create a great resource for the whole #grantchat community. Please feel free to even share you *own* blog posts, books, or other resources if appropriate as one of the responses to our ten questions.

If you have a blog post or have an article that you would like to share about the concept, we would love for you to do so in the comment section or by using the #grantchat on the social media network of your choice.

Q1: What inspires you the most/are you the proudest of in your office? (Pics please!) #grantchat


Q2: What is your favorite grant/fundraising related blog? Why? (Please share the link.) #grantchat


Q3: What is your favorite grant/fundraising related image/instagram/pin? Why? (Please share the link.) #grantchat


Q4: What is your go to research/need statement statistic resource? Why? (Please share the link.) #grantchat


Q5: What is your favorite grant/fundraising related book? Why? (Please share the link.) #grantchat


Q6: What is your favorite grant/fundraising related formal news source? Why? (Please share the link.) #grantchat


Q7: Who/what is on your go to writing/application motivation play list? (Artist & song titles please.) #grantchat


Q8: What is your “couldn’t live without” productivity tool that helps keep applications moving along? #grantchat


Q9: What is your best non grant writing related tool or resource that helps you the most with your grant work? #grantchat


Q10: What is your favorite grant related tool, article, resource, or trick that you want to share that didn’t fit neatly into one of the other categories? #grantchat


Looking forward to having you join @Grant_Chat co-moderators Diane (@dianehleonard), Jo (@jm_grants) on June 9th at 12pm ET.


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