What does it mean to be a Grant Ready Organization?

What is a Grant Ready Organization?

What does being a Grant Ready Organization mean to you?

Grants are highly competitive. As with any competition, preparing to succeed is the first step toward success!  There are many steps you can take before your apply for a grant that will put your organization in a better place to compete and win the award.

Here at Smartegrants  (Grantchat is a program of Smartetgrants) our definition of a Grant Ready Organization (GRO) is an organization that is prepared to apply for grant opportunities. GROs have all of their records, registrations and audits in place, accessible, and up-to-date. GROs have engaged and gained support from leadership, policy-makers, and stakeholders. GROs align their mission, vision, and capacity with their understand
ing of community needs to build the foundation of their grant seeking strategy.

Getting to ‘Grant Ready’ isn’t that simple. So, we asked the #grantchat community what being a Grant Ready Organization meant to them during this week’s chat and we got a great variety of answers that help to build a robust definition for you to consider when looking at if your organization is indeed, grant ready. In addition to our Grantchat community members’ answers, Smartegrants and Udemy have partnered to bring you a great infographic all about grant readiness to guide grant seekers through the process of becoming (and staying) a Grant Ready Organization.

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What do you think it means to be a Grant Ready Organization? We’d love to hear! Share your definitions for grant readiness in the comments section on the website or via social media using the #grantchat hashtag.

Stay tuned for some great posts from SmartEGrants and GrantChat the next few weeks as we continue our conversation next week during #grantchat talking about what the Recipe is for Grant Readiness.


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