Question Preview: Recipe for Grant Readiness

In last week’s #grantchat we talked about what it means to be a Grant Ready Organization. Did you miss the live chat? Check out what the #grantchat community had to say about their own definitions of what it means to be a Grant Ready Organization here.

In our upcoming #grantchat, we will be talking about ‘the recipe’ for  grant readiness by the type of grant that you are pursuing.

Do you have blog posts or articles about grant readiness? We would love for you to share them in advance of or during our upcoming chat!


Q1: What types of grants do you work with most often? Are you a consultant or employee or both?


Q2: What are the readiness points that you feel need to be considered for all types of grants? #grantchat


Q3: What are the key #grantready ingredients when applying for a foundation grant? #grantchat


Q4: What do you think is unique in the grant readiness assessment process to local government grants? #grantchat


Q5:  What are the key ingredients for becoming and maintaining grant readiness for federal grants? #grantchat


Q6: As a Grant Professional, how much of your time is spent getting programs/organizaions #grantready ?  Why? #grantchat


Q7: What can the grants profession do to increase organization leaders’ priorities to invest in #grantreadiness? #grantchat


Q8: When has being in a state of #grantready paid off for an organization you know or work with? #grantchat


Q9: What is the greatest challenge for you around Grant Readines? #grantchat


Q10: What is the one thing that could help you or organizations you work with achieve/ maintain #Grantreadiness ? #grantchat

Looking forward to having you join us on June 30th at 12pm ET for “Recipe for Grant Readiness by Type of Grant” with co-moderators @dianehleonard and @jm_grants as well as @Grant_Chat.


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