Question Preview: Do I Have Burnout?

Do I Have Burnout?

This week on Grantchat, we are delighted to have Johna Rodgers, GPC as our guest.  Johna’s topic is close to her heart and part of her personal journey. Johna serves on the Grant Professional Association board and she has a long career as a successful grant professional.  Exciting news, she just became a grant consultant.

We asked Johna if the decision to become a grant consultant was a sudden decision and did her decision to become a consultant have anything to do with her choice  for this topic.

Her answer: Yes & Yes!

Johna researched burnout and developed popular and well-received presentations on grant professional burnout as a way to get through her issues.

After all of that research and helping many other grant professionals identify and address their burnout, while working her way through ‘a ton of issues’ she said to herself, “Gee, the only way out — is out.” She knows how burnout feels. She knows what the experts say about burnout in the workplace. And, through her personal journey, she knows how burnout uniquely impacts the grant professional.

Johna will share her insights and looks forward to interacting with the Grantchat community as we all share our tips, tools, resources and experiences in preventing and addressing burnout.

Preview Questions for 07/14/15:

 Q1: What is burnout? Maybe we’re all just overworked. It’s just part of being a #grantpro, right? #grantchat

 Q2: What are the signs and symptoms of burnout? #grantchat

 Q3: What if a grant professional is miserable and experiences burnout? What’s the first step? #grantchat

Q4: What advice do you have to plan to keep a job AND address burnout? #grantchat

 Q5: What actions can we take today to reduce the ‘burned out’ feeling? #grantchat

Q6  What are some processes or time-management systems to help reduce burnout? #grantchat

Q7:  What advice do you have for someone who is scared to even think about leaving their job? #grantchat

Q8: “I have too much to do.” How am I supposed to find the time for myself? #grantchat

 Q9:  What advice do you have when a grant pro sets boundaries and their boss gets mad? #grantchat

 Q10: Do you have any other advice?  #grantchat

If you have a blog or you know of a blog or other resource that has great recommendations to recognize or address workplace burnout that could help grant professionals, please bring those links to the chat. You can share links on social media using the hashtag #grantchat. We will collect all of the links and recommendations and share them with the community.

Looking forward to having you join us on July 14th at 12 pm ET for ‘Burnout’ with guest @JohnaRodgers on @Grant_Chat, sponsored by @smartegrants and co-monitored by @JM_grants and @DianeHLeonard


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