Question Preview: Magnetic Grant Budgets

Grant Budgets

Question Preview: Magnetic Grant Budgets

Grant budgets can and do make or break grant applications. A good grant budget will attract the reviewer, it is clear,  answers questions, is (often) supported by a budget narrative and perfectly aligned with the grant narrative.

In other words,  a grant budget can be a points magnet, securing points by confirming that you have a solid project plan and a sustainable, fiscally responsible organization.

This week, our conversation on #Grantchat is focused on how to build a magnetic grant budget.

A1: How involved are you in developing your organization’s or client’s annual budget? #grantchat

A2: How involved are you in developing grant budgets? Who develops the grant budgets? #grantchat

A3: What are the key elements of clear, attractive grant budgets? #grantchat

A4: How and when do grant budgets fail to strengthen a grant application? #grantchat

A5: How do you deal with the various budget formats that funders request/require? #grantchat

A6: What are you top 3 frustrations with grant budgets? #grantchat

A7: What are your top 3 tools or steps to build a successful grant budget? #grantchat

A8: What steps do you take to make sure the budget makes sense to the reviewer and aligns with the app? #grantchat

A9: How have you changed your grant budget development process throughout your career? #grantchat

A10: What other tips and advice do you have for new grant pros, new organizations or agencies regarding grant budgets? #grantchat


We are looking forward to having you join us on August 11, 2015  at 12 pm ET for “Magnetic Grant Budgets” on @Grant_Chat, sponsored by Smartegrants @smartegrants and co-moderated by Jo Miller @JM_grants and Diane Leonard @DianeHLeonard.



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