Defining, Reporting on and Managing Expectations

Managing Expectations for Stakeholders

To succeed in securing grant awards, one of the first things a  grant professional does is to set expectations. Whether we’re an employee or consultant, we have LOTS of stakeholders that have  (BIG) expectations related to our work that we need to manage. In fact, more than one colleague said during #grantchat this week that “everyone” has expectations related to our work. Unrealistic expectations can damage relationships, progress and even our jobs. Knowing who are stakeholders are and how to manage their expectations is essential to our success in getting grants and to our career advancement.

For more resources from Grantchat and Smartegrants on managing expectations go here, here, and here.

Managing Expectations of Stakeholders

So. how do we define which stakeholders have which expectations of our work? Here are the suggestions of the #grantchat community:

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Tracking and Reporting to Manage Expectations – Formal and Informal

And once we identify stakeholders and expectations are established how can we manage those expectations?  What are proven ways to report against those expectations, both formally and informally? Here are the suggestions of the #grantchat community:

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What other tips and suggestions do you have related to managing expectations from stakeholders in the grant seeking process we are managing as grant professionals? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Share them with us in the comments section on the website or social media using the #grantchat hashtag.


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