Working with International Organizations

International Organizations

As we dove into discussing working with international organizations on grants, many #grantchat community members were quick to share that they were participating in order to learn from those with more experience and gain a better understanding of this specific type of grant work. We were fortunate to have Ruth McLean Dawson (@meRuthAnne) as our guest this week to help develop questions, share her experience, and field questions.

One of the first questions we asked was about what the challenges can be of working with international organizations on grants. Those with experience in this arena shared some honest perspectives that we hope will help you understand this niche of grant seeking as you consider supporting or partnering with international organizations on grants.

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Once the potential challenges are acknowledged, we asked the #grantchat community what key elements contribute most to their success in working with international organizations on grants. There were some great tips based on lessons learned and personal experience shared!

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There were also some resources and final tips shared throughout the chat that we think will be helpful to those considering working with grants for international organizations, including:

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Did you miss Ruth’s guest post on SmartEGrants? Don’t miss reading “Are You Ready to “Hear” what International Organizations have to “Say”?” as a way to have a better understanding of working on grants for international organizations! She shares some great tips and has a long list of other web-based resources for you to check out.

Here are a few of the great tips she shared:

  • Take notes visually – a computer and projector
  • A summary poster (when individuals do not have strong literacy skills) Pictures are nice too.
  • Check in frequently to ensure you heard what was said

You can read the rest of her tips here.

Did you want to read the full transcript of this week’s #grantchat with guest @meRuthAnne? You can read the full Storify here.

  1. […] Working with international organisations […]

  2. […] Working with international organisations […]

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