Measuring Your Value at Work

Know Your Worth At Work

You are AMAZING! You work hard, and you make a difference.  BUT – you might feel that you boss, colleagues, and or your clients are only seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your value, your investments, and your worth at work.  We all want those we work with and for to understand what we do and the difference we make through our contributions at work.  So, how do you get others to see your true value when all they are seeing is just that tip of the iceberg?

Measuring Your Value

As grant professionals, we are often measured by the number of grants we submit and the amount of dollars we bring in to the organizations we serve are awarded. We know that there is much more to being a grant professional than submitting grants and getting money.  How can you communicate that to your boss, your clients, and your colleagues? Danny Blitch shared a 2015 GPA Strategy Paper that he and David Broussard co-authored entitled “Measuring Value: Beyond ROI – the True Grant Professionals’ Worth.  You find more of Danny’s thoughts and tips on his post ‘You SO Money’ via  SmartEGrants.

Your Value as a Grant Professional

Beyond writing narratives and submitting grant applications, how do you communicate what you do and what you can do to bring more value to an organization’s strategic planning and grant strategy development? We recommend sending an annual update about your job (employee) or business (consultant) goals for the upcoming year to your colleagues, partners, board, and or clients.  As part of that update, you can include a list of steps you will/can take to increase an organization’s grant-seeking efforts and grant readiness, including:

  1. Identify methods for coordinating the organizations’ grants development with various available funding streams.
  2. Assess and report on the organizations’ capacity for grant seeking.
  3. Assess organizational readiness to obtain and manage funding for and implementation of specific projects.
  4. Identify and recommend specific steps and methods that advance grant readiness.
  5. Identify and document values, purposes, and goals of fund-seeking entities’ overall strategic plans in the grants process.
  6. Identify strategies and procedures for obtaining internal institutional support and approval of decision-makers for specific grant-seeking activities.
  7. Identify appropriate methods of working with local, state, and federal agencies and stakeholders to support and enhance grant seeking.

Sharing Your Value

Sharing ways that you can enhance an organization’s strategic planning and grant readiness can bring awareness to your value and help to increase your participation in helping to grow an organization and their programs. What are other ways to share your value with your community, stakeholders and decision makers?  We asked our GrantChat community to share their advice on how they share their true value with references, mentors, bosses, clients and colleagues. Here are a few of the suggestions (you can find more in our grantchat Storify here).

  • Create reminders on your calendar to call/email your references and work mentors to ‘check in’ occasionally.
  • Offer an online portfolio with work samples, a list of projects, and links to articles and presentations.
  • Build a strong LinkedIn profile.
  • Thank your references when you get a contract and let them know when their reference has resulted in a funding award.
  • Share your professional awards, milestones and grant awards with the GrantChat community on our page and on Twitter using the hashtag #Grantchat and you will find a group of your peers who are there to cheer you on and who know your value!





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