Question Preview: Team of One to a Team of Many

From a Team of One to a Team of Many

From a Team of One to a Team of Many – as grant specialists, we work in a variety of environments either as the Lone Ranger with no Tonto; or as a member of a team of specialists that support each other; or somewhere in between. Our positions include grant writer, grant coordinator, grant manager, grant developer, grant specialist and I could go on. Our responsibilities range from grants acquisition only to grants/program management or a combination of both.

The lone grant specialist or one who works within a team must assess their organization so they can navigate organizational approval, proposal preparation and submission processes. All in an effort to pursue grants.

This is our effort to capture the differences and similarities based on the role you are assigned. In response to each question, please reference whether you are a Team of One (ToO) or a Team of Many (ToM).

Q1: Would you identify yourself as a team of one or part of a team of many?  Reference ToO or ToM on following Qs #grantchat

Q2: What types of support are provided to you by other grants office staff, if any? #grantchat


 Q3: What planning do you conduct towards the pursuit of grants? Identification of organizational needs? #grantchat


Q4: What approaches do you use to identify, screen and analyze funders? How are program staff involved? #grantchat


Q5: What processes do you use to acquire organizational approvals for pursuit of funding? #grantchat


Q6: How do you engage others in the preparation of a proposal? #grantchat


Q7:  What approaches do you use to achieve timely completion of grant elements? #grantchat

Q8: What strategies do you use to gather organizational information? #grantchat

Q9: What activities do you undertake to develop a proposal (overviews; outlines; timelines)? #grantchat


Q10: How do you measure your individual or collective success?  #grantchat


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