Question Preview: What to Ask a Potential Board

GrantChat guest, DeaRonda Harrison

What Questions Should You Ask the Board – BEFORE You Serve?

If there is one thing we know for sure, the GrantChat community members are want to make a difference through their work and their service.  When you have the skill set to be an effective grant professional, you are invited to serve on boards – lots and lots of boards. How do you know which board is right for you? How do you know you are right for that board? This week on GrantChat our guest, DeaRonda Harrison,  has prepared the following questions to get to the heart of those two questions. 

Question Preview: What Questions should You Ask the Board

Q1: What are a few of your basic duties if you serve on a board?  #grantchat

Q2: What are your personal reasons for serving as a board member? #grantchat

Q3: What are your external reasons for serving as a board member?  #grantchat

Q4: If you could change one thing about your board what would it be? Why?  #grantchat

Q5: Do you think it is necessary for board members to be good at fundraising?   #grantchat

Q6: What would you recommend for a non-contributing board member?  #grantchat

Q7: How do you handle conflict among board members?  #grantchat

Q8: Should board members be community influencers? #grantchat

Q9: Will you be looking to serve on a board in 2016? #grantchat

Q10: What questions would you ask before serving on a board?  #grantchat


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