Question Preview: New Year, New Goals

2016 New Year, New Goals

What Are You Looking Forward to in 2016?

2016 promises to be another game-changing year for grant professionals. We will be working under new requirements and guidelines for more transparency and data. For many grant professionals, 2016 brings additional technology, data management systems and tools to manage our work – from researching funders to managing grant development and reporting to more applications and systems aimed at helping us do our jobs better and faster.

According to the Fall 20145State of Grant Seeking, grant professionals submitted more grants and more of those grants were online applications. One of the greatest challenges to grant seeking identified in the report is the lack of time and staff. In other words, as grant professionals, we are experiencing greater workloads, increasing demands to build more skills and technical expertise, produce more grants, and to fully understand and comply with significant changes in our field, build our skills, meet the demands of our job, and balance these demands with our personal life. Whew!

Question Preview: 2016 – New Year, New Goals

Q1:   If you could change one thing in 2016  as it relates to your work, what would it be? Why?#grantchat

Q2:   Will you be seeking more grants and or larger grants in 2016 compared to 2015? Why or why not?#grantchat

Q3:   How will grant seeking and/or grant research change for you in 2016? #grantchat

Q4:   Will you be using technology/online tools for your job in 2016 differently compared to previous years?#grantchat

Q5:   Do you have professional development resolutions/goals for 2016? If so, what are they? #grantchat

Q6:   What changes has your organization or have your clients proposed for grant- seeking/development/management for 2016? #grantchat

Q7:   Have you made any work/life balance resolutions for 2016? If so, what are your resolutions? #grantchat

Q8:   What was the best new year’s resolution/goal that you made and kept? Why was it great? #grantchat

Q9:   What is your secret to making a goal or resolution a reality and/or a success? #grantchat

Q10:   What other resolutions or goals do you have for 2016 that you would like to share with our #grantchat community?

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