Question Preview: Whose On Your Team

Your Grant Team Matters

When you look at your grant strategy for 2o16, did you include your strategy for building your team? Grant teams can make or break a grant application or a grant program. Grant teams are important to us – so, it is a topic we have covered in the past (here and here), and we will bring back time and time again to this chat.

GrantChat Questions:

Q1: Who leads your grant team(s) and why? #grantchat

Q2: Who is typically on your grant team? #grantchat

Q3: Do you do any team building specifically for your grant teams? Why or why not? #grantchat

Q4: What do you do or could you do to strengthen your grant team(s)? #grantchat

Q5: What are the characteristics of a top-notch productive grant team? #grantchat

Q6: Why would you want individuals to identify as a ‘grant team’? #grantchat

Q7: What are the greatest barriers to creating a cohesive grant team? #grantchat

Q8: What tools help facilitate success/productivity/communication within a grant team? #grantchat

Q9: What resources could you use to help you facilitate better grant teams? #grantchat

Q10: If your grant team had a team name/brand what would it be? Why? #grantchat

We’re looking forward to having you join @Grant_Chat    Host: Jo (@jm_grants)  Sponsor: @smartegrants

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