Dr. Bev Browning and Logic Models

On April 19th, we will have a very special guest on GrantChat. We will have one of our grant professional heroes, Dr. Bev Browning.  Beverly Browning (“Dr. Bev”) brings four decades of experience to her training programs for eCivis.  Dr. Bev is the author of 42 grant-related publications, including her  Grant Writing for Dummies.  She is known for her exceptional training programs .  You can connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her blog posts on eCivis.

Dr. Bev will be leading us through Logic Models. She is going to give us a 360-degree view for making our Logic Model graph and or text easier to create. We all struggle with logic models and having an expert like Dr. Bev share her tips and secrets to building a better logic model faster is pretty exciting! Of course, we realize that this is ‘grant pro’ excitement. If you work in grants and with logic models, you won’t want to miss this very special GrantChat.

Question Preview

Q1: What are the two processes for developing a logic model (LM) and how long does it take for each method?  #grantchat

Q2: How long does the forward LM development process take? #grantchat

Q3: How do you create a LM using forward logic (if-then statements)? #grantchat

Q4: What columns are on the process side? #grantchat

Q5: What are the columns on the outcomes side?  #grantchat

Q6: How is it possible to create a forward LM in 30 minutes or less?  #grantchat

Q7: Why would anyone use the reverse logic process to create the logic model?  #grantchat

Q8: What kinds of questions should you ask the team to flush out the reverse LM development process? #grantchat

Q9:  Can you clarify the previous answer a bit more? #grantchat

Q10: How can the team develop the outputs, activities & inputs for the LM?  #grantchat

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We’re looking forward to having you join @Grant_Chat  sponsored bySmartEGrants @smartegrants Host: Jo Miller, GPC (@jm_grants) and Guest:Dr. Bev Browning (@AskGrantDoctor)



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