Secrets for Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is relevant in all types of organizations. It is especially important when it comes to an organization which is supported in part or wholly by tax-payer monies. How can you serve your community, your constituents or contribute to the progress of your community without listening to stakeholders or discussing issues of interest with your stakeholders? Many organizations shy away from stakeholder engagement citing lack of time or money. Stakeholder engagement can be a big investment and, with a willingness to engage, listen and consider change based on stakeholder input, there can be major efficiencies that, in the long run, save time, money and our programs.

Question Preview:

Q1: What is Stakeholder Engagement? #grantchat

Q2: What are the challenges you or your org(s) face with stakeholder engagement? #grantchat

Q3: Who are  your orgs/clients most common stakeholders? #grantchat

Q4: How has stakeholder engagement changed in the past few years? #grantchat

Q5: What techniques work best to increase stakeholder engagement? Why?#grantchat

Q6: What are the greatest results you see from solid stakeholder engagement?  #grantchat

Q7: What would you do with a “magic stakeholder engagement wand”?  #grantchat

Q8: What is your role in stakeholder engagement? Has that changed over time? #grantchat

Q9: What resources do you recommend to improve stakeholder engagement skills or process? #grantchat

Q10: What would you like to learn about stakeholder engagement to improve your results? #grantchat


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