2017 International Grant Professionals Day #IGPD

International Grant Professionals Day #IGPD

It’s International Grant Professionals Day week. To celebrate IGPD on #GrantChat, we are welcoming guest Danny Blitch, GPC, the man behind International Grant Professionals Week and Day. Danny’s career in grants spans more than 20-years and includes experience at a municipality, county board of education, a Regional Development Center, a state university’s development office, and as a grant consultant. He received his GPC credential in 2008. Danny is a frequent speaker, workshop presenter, and author. He chaired of the Grant Professionals Foundation (2008-2011).

Why do we celebrate International Grant Professionals Day?

The path to becoming a grant professional is different for each and every one of us. Many of us are ‘accidental grant professionals’. We stepped up to save a program, increase an organization’s service levels, or to meet a new community need. We dove in, we researched, we wrote, we submitted, we waited (fingers crossed) and we received the notice of the award. We get hooked on looking at problems and being the architect for solutions.

Come celebrate with us on Tuesday at noon 12 pm ET.

Question Preview:

Q1: What is the purpose of International Grant Professionals Day? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q2: Why is it important to #celebrate International Grant Professionals Day each year? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q3: What are you and our grant colleagues doing this week to #celebrate #IGPD? #grantchat

Q4: How can the grant profession strengthen the international community and help others win grant awards? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q5: Domestically what is the greatest threat to the grant profession? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q6: There are a number of grant programs in jeopardy and not likely to continue in the near future. Which ones? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q7: What are the types of grants and grant programs we should expect to grow or flourish in the coming year? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q8: What can grant professionals do to strengthen the grant profession? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q9: How can International Grant Professionals Day be a funder strategy? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD

Q10: How do you THANK a Grant Professional? #grantchat #celebrate #IGPD


We’re looking forward to having you join @Grant_Chat at 12 Noon ET. Join our Grantchat Facebook Group to get the check in question and to keep the discussion going!

Guests: Danny Blich, GPC @GrantProDanny

Sponsor: GrantHub @Grant_Hub

Host: Jo Miller, GPC @jm_grants

Presented: SmartEGrants @smartegrants


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