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Great Grant Client

How do you know you have a great client?

After asking this question on one of our SmartEGrants private Facebook groups,, we realized ‘Great Clients’ would be a great topic for GrantChat. When making a connection with a potential client, the possibilities of what you can achieve together can be thrilling. Working with great clients is rewarding and energizing. Client work can also be discouraging and depleting. Consultants, be they grant specific, focused on nonprofits, trainers, or other freelancers, have good experiences and bad experiences. One key to having the good outweigh the bad is to learn how to identify good clients. Good clients have common characteristics. This week on GrantChat, we will take a look at some of the signs of a great client and why they are important.


Q1: Are you a consultant or subcontractor with external clients or employee with internal clients?  #grantchat

Q2: What are some signs that a potential client won’t be a good fit? #grantchat #greatclient

Q3: When discussing project contracts/RFPs, how do you know they could be a great client? #grantchat

Q4: During the project planning and team development phase of #grants or #fundraising, how do you know you have a #greatclient ? #grantchat

Q5: As you get close to the #grant or #fundraising final deadline, how do you know you have a #greatclient ?  #grantchat

Q6: When the project is complete, how do you know you have a #greatclient ?  #grantchat

 Q7: What steps can you take to help your (internal or external) clients become and remain #greatclients ?  #grantchat

 Q8: Please share tips for finding the best fit when looking to engage an NPO or public agency #fundraising pro or #grantpro  #grantchat

Q9:  What makes your internal or external client(s) great clients? #grantchat

Q10: Do you have a #greatclient you would love to recognize?  #grantchat


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Host: Jo Miller, GPC @jm_grants

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