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Fund Development on #Grantchat

This week on #grantchat we are discussing fund development. As the founder, owner, and Managing Director of SmartEGrants and GrantChat, I have been working with more nonprofits and grant/fundraising consultants who are looking for ways to be more efficient, get a greater return on their investments, increase funds, and grow their organizations.  Each organization is different, of course. Yet, we keep coming back to a common theme – the staff and or consultants working to raise funds and grow programs are not working together. In fact, in some organizations, they are siloed from each other, or, worse, pitted against each other for (un)healthy competition.  Fund development activities are interdependent and creating and nurturing strong fund development team can do wonders for your organization’s bottom line and your employee satisfaction.

Question Preview:

Q1: How does your organization define fund development? How do most orgs define #funddevelopment? #grantchat

Q2: Does your organization raise funds through #donations, #gifts, #grants, #proposals, #socialenterprise, and/or other sources? #grantchat

Q3: Who is currently on your #funddevelopment team? #grantchat

Q4: Are there other orgs/people that you would like to add? Who and why – or why not? #grantchat

Q5: What impact can a #funddevelopment team that includes donor development, #grants, program staff, communications, and others make? #grantchat

Q6: What tools help support effective fund development and #funddevelopment teams?  How and why? #grantchat

Q7: How do you measure your #funddevelopment ROI? #grantchat

Q8: What are the biggest challenges in creating effective #funddevelopment teams? #grantchat

 Q9: What changes in #funddevelopment have made impacts on your organization’s growth, sustainability, or ROI? #grantchat

Q10: Please share tips, books, blogs, and resources for better #funddevelopment and fund development teams. #grantchat

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Host: Jo Miller, GPC @jm_grants

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