The Information Gathering Challenge

This week on #grantchat we are discussing the challenge of information gathering with Jo Miller.

We are constantly seeking information and data including information about the history and visions of the organizations where we work, the constituents we want to help, the community needs we want to address, the impact we are making, and about our partners, funders, and staff.  Gathering data for a grant professional, nonprofit consultant, or project manager can take an overwhelming amount of time and be an incredible challenge.  This week on GrantChat, we will discuss these challenges and how we can  overcome information gathering challenges?

Question Preview:

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Q1: On a scale of 1-10, how hard is information gathering for #grants or reports at your organization(s)?  #grantchat


Q2: Do you find it harder to get information for grant proposals or grant/annual reports? #grantchat


 Q3: What type(s) of information are more difficult to gather for #grants proposals or reports,  e.g. demographics, budgets?  #grantchat


Q4: What happens if you don’t get the data you need/request? #grantchat


Q5: What practices have you implemented to get data or information in a timely manner?  #grantchat


 Q6: How do you help others understand the importance of the information you request?  #grantchat


Q7: What constantly surprises you about data collection for grant proposals and grant reports?  #grantchat


Q8: What do you wish people knew (and took to heart) about your requests for information? #grantchat


Q9: What has worked for you to improve your efforts to gather information for grant proposals and or various reports? #grantchat


 Q10: What tips, tools or resources should the community check out to help with information gathering?  #grantchat


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Host: Jo Miller, GPC @jm_grants

Presented: SmartEGrants @smartegrants

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